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Focused Exclusively on Retirement Savings


For nearly three decades, SunAmerica Retirement Markets ("SunAmerica") has focused solely on providing retirement investing and income products designed to help Americans save for retirement and ensure a lifetime income.


1983     SunAmerica Life Insurance Company (now merged into American General Life Insurance Company) began the shift to retirement-oriented savings products by establishing an annuity division -- SunAmerica Retirement Markets, Inc.


1986    The company goes on to enter the variable annuity market with the acquisition of Anchor National Life Insurance Company (also now merged into American General Life Insurance Company)


1988     The company began an 18-month divestiture of all traditional, mortality-based life insurance operations, narrowing its focus to the annuity products that would help Americans build assets for retirement and plan their retirement income


1989     The company begins branding under the name “SunAmerica”


1990     The company begins a decade of unprecedented growth, becoming the best-performing stock on the New York Stock Exchange between 1990 and 1998


2001     SunAmerica joins with the American General Life Companies, Western National and VALIC brands under an American International Group, Inc. umbrella that creates a new industry leader in retirement savings and life insurance, today known as AIG Life and Retirement.


Today  SunAmerica, The Retirement Specialist, provides more than 330,000 individuals with the financial products and services they need to help them retire stronger, offering variable annuities that can provide investment growth potential plus guaranteed lifetime income that’s protected from downturns and market volatility.


Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of American General Life Insurance Company or, in New York, by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. Optional guaranteed lifetime income features are available for an additional fee and subject to investment requirements, age limitations and restrictions including withdrawal parameters.


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