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Planning and Education


Americans are living longer, healthier lives. And that’s a good thing. But increasing longevity creates new retirement challenges:


  • How do you pay for a potential 30+ year retirement?
  • How do you know what retirement investments are right for your goals?
  • How do you ensure a reliable, lifetime income in up-and-down financial markets?


These questions are all the more pressing if you’re near retirement, or about to retire and are looking for reliable income that can grow to meet your future needs. Working with a skilled financial advisor is your best option for finding solutions to these important retirement planning challenges. 


To help you in your discussions, on these pages you’ll find:


  • Recent investor surveys, like America Speaks Out on Retirement, which provides powerful information about American’s key financial concerns and retirement priorities today  
  • Articles and quick tips about the importance of investing in equities for greater growth potential 


Additionally, you may want to speak with your financial advisor to find out more about the benefits of variable annuities and the powerful features they offer to help you plan ahead for your retirement income.