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Retirement Protection, Lifestyle Protection


Recently, the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College conducted a study and found that 44% of working American households will be at risk in their ability to maintain their lifestyle in retirement.1  Without the right planning, the reality of longer lifespans, rising healthcare costs and volatile investment markets can be a tremendous drain on investors' assets during retirementunless they can find an investment and income strategy that can see them through their retirement years.


Planning and investing challenges

Traditional sources of income, like employer pensions and Social Security may not be enough to fund all your retirement goals. And stretching your personal savings to make up the difference presents its own set of challenges. These include:


  • Rising costsincluding healthcare expenses and their potential impact on your retirement

  • More years in retirementwith as many as 30+ years of living costs to fund

  • Up and down marketsand their effect on your retirement income   

What are the three key risks to your retirement?______________________

What happens if you retire at the wrong time?


To fund retirement today, long-term investors need to generate

income that can withstand market swings, keep up with rising costs and last for the remainder of their lives.


How can you protect your retirement? 

To help address their pressing retirement income and protection needs, many investors are turning to variable annuities to help protect their lifestyle and manage the risks associated with retirement. Talk to your financial advisor about how a variable annuity may be right for your situation.




Source: Center for Retirement Research: National Retirement Risk Index: February 2008